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An ongoing marathon of ideas, experiments and initiatives from Moones.

REVERSE RENOVATION (Hidden Camera Experiment)

moones-reverse renovation

Featuring a real life family who have lived in the same home for decades.

1) First they are awarded a 4 week holiday (they are made to think they’ve won it in a prize draw)

2) Whilst they are away their home is transformed by a team of experts to look exactly as it did 20 years earlier.

3) By looking through family photos and home videos the team recreate old wallpaper patterns, the art and photos that were on the walls, the carpets, the furniture, everything. They even find lookalike pets to resemble those that were living in the house 20 years in the past.

4) The house is then rigged with hidden cameras and we capture the families hysterical reaction as they arrive home from holiday. Fainting, screaming and imagining they are dreaming.